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EN | List of links with fairy tales to read, listen or watch in the Ukrainian language

Updated: Mar 24

To help people fleeing a country in war, and to help parents and children to cope with this situation as best they can.

To help children and their caretakers, we have created a list of links to free Ukrainian fairy tales, ebooks, audiobooks, printable memory games, and educational content for children.

In creating the content, we used a list from the sites of UNICEF, the Ukrainian publishing house, Starý Lev / Видавництво Старого Лева, information from the Association of Polish Librarians SPB and tips sent to us by our friends who found this idea useful.

• The Ukrainian publishing house Starý Lev has made some e-books available free-of-charge to help distract the attention of young children when reading: Електронні дитячі книги – безкоштовно! | ВСЛ (starylev.com.ua) Here are dozens of videos in which Ukrainian authors read excerpts from their books to children: (62) Мар'яна Савка читає «Казку про Старого Лева» - YouTube

Morning Publishers provides children's books in electronic format free-of-charge. Content can be downloaded and read without internet access. Web BaraBooka:

http://www.barabooka.com.ua/yak-dopomagati-dityam-u-zamknenomu-prostori/ • It is possible to download audio stories from the Pavlush and Yalush telegram channel, so that they can be listened to offline. : https://t.me/pavlushaiyava

• Another telegram channel called Audiokazky Аудіоказки is in Ukrainian, where audio stories can be downloaded and listened to offline https://t.me/kazky_ukr

The Yakaboo publisher has opened free access to audio and e-books in the mobile application: https://bit.ly/3CcZG92

Megogo opens free access to cartoons, movies and audiobooks https://bit.ly/35KLwjg • The portal with digital content, KuboMedia.sk, offers several Ukrainian fairy tales with beautiful illustrations for reading. Registration is required on the portal, which is also free: https://app.kuboknihy.sk/

The Association of Polish Librarians SPB offers children's books in Ukrainian for free download on its website: http://www.sbp.pl/artykul/?cid=24160&prev=1

Downloadable stories can also be found by parents, teachers and people from the helping professions on the Bibliokid website https://www.bibliokid.if.ua/

Free animated fairy tales can be viewed through the Kinoguru portal Мультфільми українською мовою в HD якості (kinoguru.be)

• Czech Shop Vendula offers Czech-Ukrainian and Slovak-Ukrainian memory game and colouring pages for free download https://www.obchudekvendula.cz/UKRAJINA c12_0_1.htm

Audiobooks in Ukrainian for children can also be found on the 4read portal: https://4read.org/dytlit/

Educational content:

• Ukrainian children can register for online classes done/provided by Ukrainian teachers: http://schooltogo.online/?fbclid=IwAR0YgqokvRXcokF1cbh6L2TaUTHf8J3Z


• The new Ukrainian school has organized a series of informative online meetings with teachers. The meeting schedule is updated daily at https://bit.ly/3sDR87P

A few words about the initiative

In the view of the events that have become commonplace for us in recent days, many of us feel helpless and at the same time need to help in some way. This is how we help – with the help of other people we made this list. Originally it was done in Slovakia in Slovakian and Ukrainian language. But our friends like the idea and that’s why we translate it in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish. This is a list to be freely distributed and used as people need it. If you want to translate it – feel free to do it. If you know about any other source of books or stories – just add it.

This is a little way to help and to show that we care. And also as Neil Gaiman wrote in Coraline: “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

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